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Top 25 Under 25 Entrepreneurship Award is an annual gala that celebrates the young entrepreneurs as an apex to the youth enterprise development initiative. The first edition of the award was rolled out in 2015 by UNISCOO and African Garage in partnership with KCA University, which recognized and honoured 25 exceptional young entrepreneurs aged 25 and below, whose products, jobs and services positively continues to impact economic growth and communities at large. The 25 awardees have inspired others to follow their lead, prompting the need for a second edition. This year, May 2018, UNISCOO and partners have come together to award yet another outstanding and remarkable 25 young entrepreneurs in Kenya and East Africa. The Award provides a mobilization platform for entrepreneurship development and support frameworks, which includes networking, mentorship, training and scaling etc, for the young entrepreneurs by various stakeholders in order to promote the creation of an entrepreneurship enabling environment and enhance youth competitiveness in business creation.


Who is Eligible


Anyone of age 25 or below can be nominated for the Top 25 Under 25 Entrepreneurship Awards.


You can nominate yourself or a friend for the award, however, application MUST be done by the nominated individual.


You should not have been one of the finalists from the previous award in 2015.


The Nominee MUST be an African citizen or permanent resident in East Africa, and 25 years of age or younger as of May 30, 2018.


Your business MUST have been in operation for at least six consecutive months prior to the application.


Ensure your application reflects correctly your name, your age, your business/industry and your contacts.


Your submission MUST be your own and you MUST own the copyright of the business and/or concept.


Provide National ID Number/Passport number if you are 18 years and above. If not fill in the contact details of a parent(s)/guardian(s).


Your business MUST be legal and legally registered and acknowledged by the government of Kenya (or any other African Nation).


The nominee MUST be the owner, founder or controlling shareholder of the company and principally responsible for its operation. Each company can only be represented by only one owner/co-founder.


We Look For

A strong and well-written nomination is powerful and compelling to the judges. Nominees to consider these important points when completing a nomination form:

1. About the Nominee

This is an opportunity for the nominee to receive merited recognition for the accomplishments and impacts on the community through their entrepreneurial activities. The judges want to hear about both individual accomplishments as well as the successes of the company.

2. Evaluation

The Vetting panellists consider:

  • Innovation
  • Personal integrity
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: clear vision and strong values, effective members in place, and team development strategy
  • Financial performance and investment risk evaluation: Cleary articulated capital need, horizons well-articulated and plausible, risks well understood and mitigation strategy in place
  • Strategic Direction
  • Market impact: Clear value proposition with proven model Well validated in market
  • Social responsibility: Significant, well-understood problem affecting many people and/or environment, impactful sector and scalable solution addressing root cause of the issue.

3. My Entrepreneurial Journey

Nominees paint a unique picture of their history, entrepreneurial spirit and accomplishments that express the milestones they have achieved.

4. Brevity

There is limited word count to express yourself.

5. Results

The achievements must be quantifiable and expressed with specific numbers, percentages and statistics.

6. Competitiveness

Justify how you competitively differentiate yourself in the market.

7. Credibility

Prove to the judges why you should be a Top 25 finalist and ultimately an award recipient. Be persuasive and authentic. Tests the marketing capability.

8. Meet the Nomination Deadline

ensure that your nomination is received on time. You may nominate an entrepreneur using our online nomination form.

Top 25

Under 25 Categories

Commercial Enterprises (Business & Finance)


Agribusiness and Environment

Fashion and Lifestyle

Technology (ICT)

Business Leadership

Social Enterprise


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The Panelists

The judging panel includes experienced entrepreneurs and prominent business leaders who scrutinize the applications to filter the best deserving nominees.









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The Advisory Board










Partners and Sponsors

KCA University
Software Technologies Limited
Institute of Software Technologies
African Garage
Post Bank